No Rice Today

It is another nightmare where the whole family crowds around my mom and pleads for different varieties of foods. I on the other side sit in a corner and watch the tremendous fun. I suppose to eat whatever is given and also help on what to make. Telling them to make it simple is needed so when I help there is not much work to finish. Today is a unique day due to the “NO RICE TODAY” thing. Only Poori and some gravy. Poori can be defined as an Indian wheat bread deep-fried in oil. While the gravy is a mixture of carrot, capsicum, cauliflower, potato, and peas.

20170108_120803After tasting this wonderful poori I was speechless, here is my overall review on my mom’s food:

Taste: It was nice and soft just like it should be!

Visual Presentation: It looked amazing together!

Spice: The spice was very mild and which made me happy. It doesn’t as well to me if it is spicy and also the gravy is spicy.

Fresh: Poori can’t always be fresh but I believe my eyes and saw it being made.

Healthy: It won’t be said healthy due to being deep-fried in about a pint of oil.

Overall: It was breathtaking all together but I think that maybe it would have tasted better with some onion and a bit more larger for the size.



This is the one and only best gravy that goes with my mom’s famous poori!

Taste: It was spicy but not as spicy as I thought it would be.

Visual: I thought it looked great and had a nice color to it.

Spice: Like I said I wouldn’t say the spice level was good enough for me.

Fresh: It was fresh, also I helped my mom on it so I’m sure it was good.

Healthy: It is healthy because of the vegetables and minimum of junk in it.

Overall: The gravy had a great overall appearance and flavor but the spice just threw it off a bit.

This is the Saturday lunch form my family. If you would like to know any more information, details or how to do it pls contact me if needed.







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