Midnight Baking

I was so excited this night because of the sight of my mom taking out chocolate, making whipped cream and putting things in the oven. All I thought about at that moment was, WHEN IS IT DONE COOKING?! This is a wonderful cupcake that has all proven evidence that it is the best. Here are my comments on the wonderful coffee buttercream cupcake.



This is the final, ended, complete result of the coffee buttercream cupcake! Here are my results!

Taste: I think that my mom’s cupcakes are the best! The creamy buttercream gave a strong coffee flavor that I think makes me very, very energetic.

Visual Presentation: It looks amazing! You can see yourselves the way it is arranged and the different color mix in the buttercream.

Sweet: It is increadabily sweet which I like due to my massive favor of sweet things.

Fresh: I think that anything my mom makes is fresh because I usually happen to watch my mom make the things and then I actually post it.

Healthy: It is healthy-ish. Why? Because it has a hidden cherry, coffee but at the same time it has a bunch of sugar filling it up to the brim.

Overall: It is very sweet and very desired by me because of it’s wonderful look and creamy taste on the inside and outside.




This is the hidden and healthy cherry laying still waiting to be covered by the sweet whipped cream!

Hope you liked knowing about this wonderful experience I had eating, and grading these coffee buttercream cupcakes!


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