Cheesy Brown Rice Puffs

The first bite is the best bite”, I always say, and it I was right. My mom served us a few delicious balls that I thought was filled in with helium and must have took shape of a mini balloon. But the bite I took forced me to call it the best cheese and brown rice balls. It was filled up with cooked brown rice and maybe mozzarella cheese. I know that I will not have any bad comments because I like thinking that this is very unique from all my other posts. Here are my (obviously all good) comments on this desired recipe of me!


My all positive results:

Taste: AWESOME! The cheese is so nice with the cooked brown rice.

Visual Presentation: It was just served all over a plate so there was really none.

Spice: It had a mild spice level which suited the cheese well.

Healthy: It was healthy because of the brown rice but I am not sure of the cheese as much.

Overall: AMAZING mix of flavor!

If you would like the recipe you may contact me! Well hope you had fun on this post today!


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