Cheesy Brown Rice Puffs

The first bite is the best bite”, I always say, and it I was right. My mom served us a few delicious balls that I thought was filled in with helium and must have took shape of a mini balloon. But the bite I took forced me to call it the best cheese and brown rice balls. It was filled up with cooked brown rice and maybe mozzarella cheese. I know that I will not have any bad comments because I like thinking that this is very unique from all my other posts. Here are my (obviously all good) comments on this desired recipe of me!


My all positive results:

Taste: AWESOME! The cheese is so nice with the cooked brown rice.

Visual Presentation: It was just served all over a plate so there was really none.

Spice: It had a mild spice level which suited the cheese well.

Healthy: It was healthy because of the brown rice but I am not sure of the cheese as much.

Overall: AMAZING mix of flavor!

If you would like the recipe you may contact me! Well hope you had fun on this post today!


Watercress Lentil Soup

Uggg! Is all that my mouth could lip, the moment my mom handed me a green slimy thing in my red cup. I smelled it, took a sip and put it aside until I asked what it was. Watercress Lentil Soup. I personally love watercress and was happy to know what I was drinking at that point. Watercress soup is actually very famous in our house whenever it is cold outside or when a family member gets sick. Here are my results on my favorite: Homemade and Healthy Watercress Lentil Soup!!


This is one of my favorite soups!

Taste: It tasted very spicy but I can’t say to decrease it because in the chronological order it does include spices that make it spicy and also which you can’t take out.  

Visual Presentation: It doesn’t look as appealing but it sure does taste amazing!

Healthy: It is very healthy because it doesn’t include any junk food, not even a particle of sugar mixed in!

NEW! Feel: The soup gives a burning feeling in the back of my throat that makes it a bit uncomfortable after you drink a lot.

Overall: It was zesty overall! But as I said, I didn’t like the itching in my throat as well.

That is it for today! I hope you have a great day after hearing about my Watercress Lentil Soup!





Biryani Under Scrutiny

Now a days Chicken Biryani is a very famous dish all over India. There is Pakistani Biryani, Lucknow Biryani, Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, Mughalai Biryani, Chettinad Biryani, Malabar Biryani, and so on. But my favorite is my mom-made, homemade, deliciously made, “*mun paanai” made biryani. * Mun paanai – a clay pot. But since few months it has been cast iron biryani. It is just like a normal, simple biryani but altered to our preferred taste. Here are my comments on my mom’s famous homemade dish: Chicken Biryani Our Style!!


20170107_114405 (2).jpeg

(That makes my mouth water though I’m only able to spy it on my monitor/screen.)

Spice: The spice level is the main in this dish. And I think it had a nice mild flavor that gave a nice feel after you ate a piece. The spices in the chicken biryani is black pepper, green chili, and red chili.

Taste: The taste was out of the world! Especially the chicken because it was marinated over night. It was nice with the boiled eggs and *raita. *Raita- a mix of onion, yogurt, salt, and sometimes sumac.

Visual Presentation: TGIS! I could eat all I needed. I didn’t even care about the look due to the aroma drifting all the way into my bedroom dragging me down the bed and straight to the plate to eat.

NEW! Raw/Overcooked/Perfect: It was perfect. The egg was nice and soft like a puppies fur. The chicken wasn’t raw or rubbery at all! The inside was nice and tan colored too.

Overall: It was the best lunch that I had ever had in weeks! Though my mom forgot the mint to top it off.

20170107_114426 (1).jpeg

This is the raita that my dad made. Not all raitas over the world may look like this because some people may put black pepper powder, green chili, cumin powder and other things as per their desire.


20170107_114326 (1).jpeg

This is another simple side dish that people eat with the biryani. It is a spicy gravy with eggplant, onion, and also coriander leaves with a mix of spices.

I hope you enjoyed today’s lunch entry!


Midnight Baking

I was so excited this night because of the sight of my mom taking out chocolate, making whipped cream and putting things in the oven. All I thought about at that moment was, WHEN IS IT DONE COOKING?! This is a wonderful cupcake that has all proven evidence that it is the best. Here are my comments on the wonderful coffee buttercream cupcake.



This is the final, ended, complete result of the coffee buttercream cupcake! Here are my results!

Taste: I think that my mom’s cupcakes are the best! The creamy buttercream gave a strong coffee flavor that I think makes me very, very energetic.

Visual Presentation: It looks amazing! You can see yourselves the way it is arranged and the different color mix in the buttercream.

Sweet: It is increadabily sweet which I like due to my massive favor of sweet things.

Fresh: I think that anything my mom makes is fresh because I usually happen to watch my mom make the things and then I actually post it.

Healthy: It is healthy-ish. Why? Because it has a hidden cherry, coffee but at the same time it has a bunch of sugar filling it up to the brim.

Overall: It is very sweet and very desired by me because of it’s wonderful look and creamy taste on the inside and outside.




This is the hidden and healthy cherry laying still waiting to be covered by the sweet whipped cream!

Hope you liked knowing about this wonderful experience I had eating, and grading these coffee buttercream cupcakes!

No Rice Today

It is another nightmare where the whole family crowds around my mom and pleads for different varieties of foods. I on the other side sit in a corner and watch the tremendous fun. I suppose to eat whatever is given and also help on what to make. Telling them to make it simple is needed so when I help there is not much work to finish. Today is a unique day due to the “NO RICE TODAY” thing. Only Poori and some gravy. Poori can be defined as an Indian wheat bread deep-fried in oil. While the gravy is a mixture of carrot, capsicum, cauliflower, potato, and peas.

20170108_120803After tasting this wonderful poori I was speechless, here is my overall review on my mom’s food:

Taste: It was nice and soft just like it should be!

Visual Presentation: It looked amazing together!

Spice: The spice was very mild and which made me happy. It doesn’t as well to me if it is spicy and also the gravy is spicy.

Fresh: Poori can’t always be fresh but I believe my eyes and saw it being made.

Healthy: It won’t be said healthy due to being deep-fried in about a pint of oil.

Overall: It was breathtaking all together but I think that maybe it would have tasted better with some onion and a bit more larger for the size.



This is the one and only best gravy that goes with my mom’s famous poori!

Taste: It was spicy but not as spicy as I thought it would be.

Visual: I thought it looked great and had a nice color to it.

Spice: Like I said I wouldn’t say the spice level was good enough for me.

Fresh: It was fresh, also I helped my mom on it so I’m sure it was good.

Healthy: It is healthy because of the vegetables and minimum of junk in it.

Overall: The gravy had a great overall appearance and flavor but the spice just threw it off a bit.

This is the Saturday lunch form my family. If you would like to know any more information, details or how to do it pls contact me if needed.